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The Diquis culture is one of the most prominent and well-known cultures known today. The Diquis are a pre Columbian indigenous culture. The Diquis arose in the territory of what is now known as Costa Rica. They occupied Costa Rica until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. This culture flourished from 700 AD to 1530 AD. The word Diquis derives from the Boruca language and means “great waters” or “the great river.” The Diquis are well known for their fine metal work. They were known as very highly skilled metal and goldsmiths. The Diquis referred to gold work as, “catching the light.” They performed with gold and in-gold copper alloy, which is also known as “Tumbaga.” This was used to make finely worked pendants, bracelets, ornaments, earrings, and clothing adornments. The clothing usually consisted of jaguars and eagles. The artistic findings attribute to funeral figurines and masks that represent birds. The ceramic vessels they molded were reddish brown and were decorated mainly by modeling.…show more content…
Their farming methods were so advanced they had been found to be proficiently better than the European methods, at that time. Their food came from fishing in the sea, and the rivers. They also ate multiple fruits found from the forest, thus including palm fruits or Pejibaye. They also ate vegetables such as yucca, squash, and cultivated tubers. The Diquis family life was very profuse. The men were hunters, as the woman generally watched for domestic matters, crops, and the children. This culture was not strictly male dominant, as they had women become chiefs. Their religion was based off worshipping a Water God. They made human sacrifices, but they did not have any enemies, thus did not have weapons. They tamed and knew the forests very well, including the poisons and healing plants. They used ”sukia” treatments involving the action of smoking, as well as trances to cure

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