Recruitment Research Paper

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Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.
-Transfer: - transfer refers to a change in job assignment.
It may involve a promotion or demotion or no change in terms of responsibility and status.
A transfer may be either temporary or permanent depending on the necessary of filling jobs. Promotions involve upward mobility while transfer refer to a horizontal mobility of employees.
-Promotion: - Promotion means shifting of an employee to a higher position carrying higher responsibility facilities, status & salaries.
Various positions in an organization are equally filled up by promotion of existing employees or the basis of merit or
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-Advertisement:-The enterprise advertises its vacancies through newspaper, trade journals & magazine. The personnel department decides on one or more media for advertising the position and the cost of advertisement.
-Campus Recruitment:-Colleges, universities & other institutes may be used for recruitment of school teachers.
-Web Publishing:-Internet has become a common source of recruitment now a days .There are a no of websites which are commonly visited by the prospective employees & the organization.
-Gate hiring: - It is generally followed by factories to fill up vacancies at the lower levels .In such cases, the org allies on casual workers who present themselves at the factory gate.
1. Wider Choice:-when vacancies are advertised widely, a large no .of applicants from outside the org. apply.
2. Fresh Talent: - It provides wider, choice and brings new blood in the org.
3. Competitive Spirit: - If a company taps external source ,the existing staff will have to complete with the
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Selection is the process of choosing candidates possessing relevant qualification for a job. The purpose of selection is to eliminate as many candidates as possible until the most competent & suitable candidate is chosen.

-PRELINIARY SCREENING:-the first step is to eliminate the unsuitable candidate based on the information supplied in the applicants, preliminary interview may also be held for this purpose .
-SELECTION TEST:-Different type of selection test may be administrated, depending on the job and the company. Following are the test
> Intelligence tests
>Aptitude tests
> Trade
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