Essay On Disability In Education

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The presence of high unemployment and disability rates in Pakistan creates a situation where people with disabilities lack access to education and employment opportunities, and hence enter a downwards spiral into poverty. 79.7% of the 530 organisations in Pakistan, which cater to the needs of the people with disabilities, provide educational services. Despite this, the lack of quality and relevant education and training is one of the most significant factors in the struggle towards social inclusion.
As defined by the United Nations Organisation, “Disability” is created from the interaction between people with impairments and the environmental or attitudinal barriers they face. Such impairments may be permanent or temporary and include those
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She believes that there is a dire need for more inclusive educational institutes to be set up and a system to be developed where such students are exposed to equal opportunities. She encourages each differently able individual to earn their own acceptance and aims to pass on her knowledge and experience to influence the lives of others like her. “My disability is my ability”, stressed Safeera.
Despite a few scattered success stories, the concept of an inclusive education is still in its initial stages in Pakistan.
Regardless of the size of campuses and quality of education, almost all universities in Pakistan are inaccessible for disabled students. People with disabilities are granted the right to quality education and employment opportunities. It is a mandate of the government to, respect their rights and provide reasonable accommodation to their particular needs and hence, start a comprehensive special education school improvement project. A positive attitude of teachers, parents and society is also needed to eradicate the problems faced by people with disabilities. Along with adopting different measures and with the help of other stakeholders, media can play a very vital role in advocacy movements for awareness about problems, faced by people with disabilities, and their
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