Essay On Disabled People

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Disabled people are people who have mental or physical limitation so they depend on someone to support them in doing their daily life needs and jobs. Although disabled people are a minority and they are normally ignored, they are still a part of the society. The statistics show that the proportion of disabled people in the world rose from 10 percent in the seventies of the last century to 15 percent so far. The number of handicapped exceeds a billion people all over the world, occupied about 15 percent of the world's population, as a result of an aging population and the increase in chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, blood and psychological diseases that are related with disabilities and impairments. Every five seconds someone…show more content…
And a disabled person’s ambition is like all other human beings, the looks of pity and compassion negatively affect that ambition. People should embrace the disabled person and give them a helping hand, and they should have laws, which defend their rights, which should be respected. However, most societies do not have laws that ensure an equal life for the disabled population. It is a shame that the rights of the disabled people has turned many times to mere slogans. As the statistics shown above say, disabled people are considered an embarrassment to be around and considered unproductive people, and therefore are excluded from their society. This group of people is socially excluded in many ways: 1) Excluded from leisure facilities Disabled people are usually deprived from their rights of having fun and spending their leisure time like normal people. Have you seen cinemas with special seats for paralyzed people for example? The answer would be no probably. Disabled people find it difficult to enter leisure facilities like swimming pools, bowling centers and cinemas, although with simple adjustments these places could be suitable for
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