Essay On Disadvantages Of Being In A Relationship

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Disadvantages being in a relationship
Hello everyone. Are you tired of to be a single? Do you prefer to be single, couples or marriage? Do you have many experiences to being a partner? If the answer is yes, then today I have a perfect answer for you. Today, I’m going to tell you about the disadvantages being in a relationship. Based on oxford dictionary relationship means the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected and also the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave towards each other. Relationships can also cause a person does not eat as much thought of thinking their partners. According to Fiona (2012), commonly quoted statistics suggest that more men are unfaithful to
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Firstly, the disadvantages being in a relationship is waste time. This is because we take a long time to know about someone we do not know whether it will be our partner or not. We take a more time to know about their personalities, behaviour and habits. Actually in my experiences we do not know someone until we are life with together. Sometimes not all the action a person show is truly but it also can be that we not know before marriage and after marriage are totally different. The relationship also waste our time because of we did not know whether a person are being serious or not. For example, people nowadays only just want a satisfied from their partner likes men or women just want to fill their emptiness only time. For students also waste their time because they can use a time to study or do a revision with their friends. So, this is wasting our time to know about the person who does not belong to us anymore.
Secondly, the disadvantages being in a relationship is waste our money. The second point refer to guys which is guys always need to bear a woman needs like them are marriage. Guys need to pays all their expenses such as shopping, bills telephone, prepaid top up, eating, education and others. I’m very pity because among
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