Essay On Disadvantages Of Criminalisation

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The uneducated have more criminal cases against them, as do those who are in the 36-45 age group”. “It is fashionable to deride politicisation of criminals, especially when correlations (which don’t necessarily indicate causation) suggest that to be successfully elected as an MP, one should have criminal connections and money, with education perhaps a disadvantage”, he adds. And agrees that some candidates are “accused and not convicted because of warts in the criminal justice system”, he writes. These comments are relevant in any discussion about the criminal charges faced by our sitting Lok Sabha members. Criminalization of Indian politics has made the lives of common people worse than it used to be in British rule, even after 60 years of…show more content…
But even after decades of independence it just remained a resolution without implication. Some of the main reasons for Criminalization of politics is 1) Vote Bank - These local criminals works as bridge between politicians and people, in many ways. The criminals works for influencing the voters from and power, especially people of slums and backwards areas, people from lower society, can be purchasable and can easily be influenced by power. 2) Corruption- Every party of country, puts up a candidate with criminal background. One of the main reason behind this is that are powerful people of those areas and hence they can confirm their win. Or they have very high chances of winning from those seats. So, party can be confirmed that they are winning that seat. If we quote some mafia turned politicians leaders, the picture will depict a colourfully tainted image of not just one party but several parties’ regional and national parties of

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