Essay On Disadvantages Of Early Education

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Have you ever thought about how much you knew when you were 6 years old? It is definitely not too much. With the rapid development of society, the number of nurseries and kindergartens, which are built for children from birth to six years old, is increasing. Therefore, more and more parents consider sending their children there, but the others think early education is not necessary for young children. "There 's increasing evidence that children gain a lot from going to preschool," said parents ' advisor Kathleen McCartney(Kanter). In fact, children who are sent to kindergartens have more chances to meet a great number of companions to enrich their life. Furthermore, families which send children to nurseries or kindergartens have a high quality of life. Moreover, nurseries are good places which provide comprehensive cares and the necessary curriculums for children. Hence, early education is an indispensable program in each child 's life, children should be sent to nurseries or kindergartens for preschool education. When children are sent to kindergartens, they have opportunities to make friends to improve themselves and enrich their life. According to a survey, 33% of 2200 British parents said their main concern was their children would not make friends(Parents worry their child won 't make friends at school).…show more content…
In conclusion, although some people think there are some disadvantages of early educational program, the given points still shown that it is essential for each child. If children receive preschool education, not only benefits themselves, but also whole family. Moreover, they can be taken care better than other children who only stay at home. In addition, they can understand academic knowledge easily when entering elementary school by a thoughtful transition. Thus, childhood education is very important without other considerations. If one person wants to know much when he or she is six years old, the best choice is receiving preschool

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