Fast Food Disadvantages

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Topics to be discussed are to identify the advantages and disadvantages of fast food and the impact in our daily lives, there may be an agreed and one could argue. Each of us has different tastes and appetite stunning, if not controlled properly it will leave a very bad impression on us. Here are studies that have been done have shown that fast food is more disadvantages than advantages , Let's start with what it means to fast food. 2.0 Fast Food Definition What is a fast food meaning? It can be something important to us to find out, Easily to prepared and processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or easy to be taken away and…show more content…
If it made the dish just enjoyed occasionally, the food less harmful, but what was feared that if food was immediately taken regularly, it will cause adverse effects in terms of nutrition. Without realizing it, he will reveal to us with various ailments, including Tooth decay, Diabetes, Constipation, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Clogged Arteries, Heart Disease and Colon Cancer. Why is fast food or processed is not recommended to be taken? Generally, there are a number of protein, iron, calcium and some vitamins in fast food such as Burger, Fries, Fried Chicken and so on. However, most of this materials, high calorie content, soaked in fat and high sugar and salt. The lack of food Fibre and many Vitamins and Minerals as required by the body. In the course, the drawbacks is the balance of Nutrients required for each menu. This is because, one dish fast food will supply to our half and two-third of calories from fat and protein that is needed throughout the day. But, if we take fast food as a snack in between meals still means we will consume more calories, protein and fat needed by the body. Next we will lack some essential nutrients that will form a complete and balanced nutrition. Fast food is also not good for health because it contains excessive additives. It aims to improve flavour and texture, Improve Quality and Enhance

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