Disadvantages Of Giving Mobile Phones For Children Essay

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The Disadvantages of Giving Cell Phone for Children Nowadays, the cell phone is became an important necessity in living, because by the cell phone someone can do their activities easier. Thus, almost everyone has a cell phone. At least the children in Britannia 10 years old until 15 years old have a cell phone. By the benefits of cell phone the parents give it to their children. For example, by giving the cell phone for their children the parents can communicate with their children although they on long distance. Besides that, the parents also can control their parents in order to the children do not do bad behavior. Moreover, the cell phone is important necessity for everyone and also for the children. While the cell phone is an important necessity in living the cell phone…show more content…
Furthermore, they can’t receive their lesson clearly. Sometime they sending and receiving message, receive calling from other students in class. In other condition, they use their cell phone to cheating in exam, playing game when the teacher explains the lesson and etc. therefore, if we are allow the case so that the young generation of the country will be servant technology. In conclusion, By giving cell phone for children, it is make them get some negative impacts such as, negative impact to their body, influence their behavior and lack of social interaction. For the students, the cell phone also can influence their spirit in learning, because they prefer to playing the cell phone than go to study. Many of parent’s dilemmas when they want to give their children a cell phone, beside the advantages the cell phone has a disadvantages that can threaten the children. Therefore, when the parents give their children a cell phone they have to control the usage of cell for their
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