What Is The Cause Of Generation Gap

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Leakage of Private Information is also one of the major disadvantages in the internet. The point that the Internet has become a market place has also made a rise in fraud cases. Credit/debit card details are mainly vulnerable. Most advertisement on the internet are a trap asking your personal information, and the advertising is so real and most users don’t know that it is a trap. This calls for extreme caution while making transactions online. To stay safe, make sure to use a reliable payment processor instead of sending your details straight to an individual or business.

Moreover, many people nowadays are addicted to computers, mobile devices, and the Internet. When the technology consumes one entire social life, this is known as technology addiction .This may sound bizarre, but some people spend more than their reasonable amount of time on the Internet. Most people don’t have the time anymore to spend with the loved ones but there time for the internet. This can lead to misunderstanding
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Two groups that are older and younger generation contribute to the problem of generation gap. Generation gap exists because of the difference between the familiar and the unfamiliar groups when they come to a new thing such as Internet. The older generation lacks the ability to learn and accept new trends. The main reason that causes this issue is the different communication ways between older and younger people. They feel generational differences while they are interacting even though they are in the same place .Younger people are more skillful in using smart phones, tablets, laptops, notebooks and so on because these devices help them communicate easily with other people around the world. While for the older group, the situation is a little bit difference. They are unfamiliar with the email, instant messaging, chat room, video call and so many; instead they prefer using phones and voice
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