Advantages And Disadvantages Of Public Transport

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1.INTRODUCTION Some people choose their own cars for transportation while other people use the public transport (trains, taxis, buses).I believe that the use of personal cars contributes to traffic congestion in cities and also the area of Eersterus and that people should use public transport more often. People have different opinions about public transport and it is true that public transport has its positive s and negative side. In this Research Project we will discuss this on more detail. The question is what impact dies public transport have on people in Eersterus. Some disadvantages of Public transport is criminal activities such as, pick pocketing and shooting commuters. Another disadvantages of public transport is that when the bus drivers or taxi drivers go on strike some people are left stranded and are late for work, school, universities or when returning home from those places. Another disadvantage is that buses and trains only run till late a certain time, some people have to go to work early or have to work late cannot use public transport. Lastly buses only stop…show more content…
AIM OF RESEARCH Investigation aims to research the success and failures of public transport in Eersterus. 3.OUTCOME AND PURPOSE OF THE RESEARCH Would like to summarize the success or failure of public transport initiatives through gathering information on the Public Transport networks in Eersterus and interviewing people that use public transport and people that use their won transport and come to a conclusion whether public transport are successful. FIGURE 1:1 MAP OF GAUTENG WHICH INDICATES WHERE EERSTERUS IS AND WHERE THE STUDY TOOK

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