Essay On Disadvantages Of Social Media

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tag the link to deferent peoples, and from their again the information’s will be passed on. The people can post their opinions and comments in the form of tweets in the homepage of this site and the flexibility of the social networking sites are extremely high when it is compared to other media’s like the print media or the electronic media.
The communication through the various social media network has removed the different barriers of communication which was there before and has opened a platform for the people from various fields to communicate with each other. Actually, the mind will be under the control of the internet and also it is trying to tackle the emotional aspect of each individual.
People are using different gadgets to get
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And they will be skipping from one site to another site to satisfy their own personal needs. Some of them will be simply sharing the posts without looking into the pros and cons. Whatever it is every aspect in the world has its own advantages and as well as disadvantages also. One thing is clear that the social media has become a new hub and a communication platform for many.
The excessive usage of social media can lead to cyber bullying, depression, sexting and other illegal crimes. Also, the continuous usage can create obesity, sleep deprivation and internet addiction too and these are the most common issues dealing with the excessive usage of social media.
Several studies reveal that cyberbullying is the most dangerous activity regarding the internet because it is affecting the mental ability of a personal too and which is a risky thing. Cyber bullying leads from unpleasant mails to life threatening activities.
Sexting, the action of sending sexually revealing pictures of themselves or sexually explicit messages to another individual or group, is another common activity among the teen community in social media. Teenage boys resort to sending suggestive messages or sexually explicit contents or, teenage girls are more likely to send inappropriate photos of themselves, mostly to their

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