Essay On Disadvantages Of Technology

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Disadvantages of Technology for teenagers

Nowadays, technology takes over the world as penetrate through human life. The biggest effects would be teenagers as they use technology more often. The technology affects the family environment, social relationships with people; health of people that don’t have rational use of technology, creativity, and focus.

The first reason will cause lack of communication with the people as electronic devices had replaced the existence of human relationship bond. It caused teenagers to be isolated at home as they feel like on the phone, as to an example, they can hear each other through a group chat. So, there is no need a gathering event be created. When technology had become advanced, there is machine created
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Some of the school allow students to bring electronic devices to the school such as laptop and cell phone. This causes distraction on them as they use it while the teacher is teaching. We all know technology had become advanced, people can search anything on Google as it is an information highway. People can search any answers and questions with just a few clicks. Besides that, they tend to use their electronic devices to search something they do not know. This is right, but they do not even use their brain to search for the answer with creative ideas and just search it online. While the phone is beside them, it distracts them as they will keep looking at the phone, who just message them or thinking the game they just played, their eyes will not get off from the phone for any 1…show more content…
It will bring them the sense of inferiority. For example, in the class. Everyone is using a smartphone but some people are not. That kind of people will feel like excluded from them as a party member. Other than that, the richer kid will show off their new phone to the class. This cause some of the students willing to buy the newest phone also as the rich people insult the poor people. They tend to do anything if someone buys them the phone. This cause human trafficking in the society as they want the phone and got cheated to sell their body for
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