Essay On Disadvantages Of Watching Tv

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In this progressive country the TV is part of our life, most of everyone like watching TV. However, some people watch TV all day. They do not control time on the television. Especially, children usually seat in front of TV all day. Although the TV has a lot of programs for people all of ages, watching TV too much have many disadvantages, specially children who view TV television too much will be influenced on both mental and physical activities. Nowadays, there are more and more psychologists have showed that viewing before the screen too much cause to increase the risk of disease in kids. For this reason, there are a lot of opinions about this issue. It is difficult for them to control their time. Some people suggest that children should…show more content…
Moreover, with supporting of cable TV, TV has many channels playing all day so children can watch any time they want in their bedroom. There are many programs which attract children easily such as cartoons, game shows, the TV shows, films...For this reasons children are easily addicted to watching them. Indeed, many parents have complained that their children depend on TV too much. Their kids prefer to spend almost of their time to view the screen than do others things even they can watch 4 or 5 hours per day. Sometimes they get easily upset or angry if they can 't watch TV, and they do not care about what happen around them. Many parents are worried about their children and they usually do not know they are also another reason that leads to addicting TV in kids. Some the parents who want to do their own activities used television as a good way to keeping their kids. “When children are still toddlers, most of parents used TV as a substitute nanny for their children” Dr Richard Woolfson who is a child psychologist said. For example, housewives often allow their kids to watch the TV while they are cooking in the kitchen. In this case TV is really best supporters for housewives. They feel secure to
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