Essay On Disadvantages Of Women In The French Revolution

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In the eighteenth century, women’s positions in societal hierarchy in France were considered inferior to a man and they had no political or voting rights compared to their counterpart. They were viewed physically different than men and destined to a domestic role of taking care of the family rather than involved in public affairs and political rights of society. Most women were housekeepers, peasants, shopkeepers or laundresses and were second-rate to men. Women did not have the same freedom as men and were considered inactive citizens and had to depend on men. The French Revolution changed everything giving women the opportunity to contribute to their own freedom and fight for equal rights. Although women faced many disadvantages during the French Revolution, their strength and activities they participated in throughout this time period proved to be a critical one impacting the rights of females today such as education and voting rights. During the French Revolution women started to question their equality and wanted the same rights as men, including equal pay for equivalent work. Women played a significant role that took place during this era similar to that of men. Females participated in the fall of Basitle, march to Versailles, which resulted in…show more content…
She helped shape history and the future for women today. Claire Lacombe was an actress who traveled around France entertaining until she was bombarded by aristocrats and decided to join the revolution. She participated with other women during protests Lacombe was an average everyday women who grew up poor. Lacombe didn’t have a big platform to voice her statements for women’s rights, so she let her actions take charge. She was the founding member of the Society of Revolutionary Republican Women. She joined other women and stormed the royal palace known as Tuileries. Wounded from this battle, Lacombe pushed forward and was not going
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