Essay On Discipline And Punishment In School

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Discipline and punishment in school When I was a high school student, I have a deep understanding of what “discipline" means. My high school was kind of follow the discipline of military, and it set up a daily schedule for every students. When should students get up, when the first class should start, when the lunchtime should be…all this kind of things are regulated and drew up on a booklet named Student Code of Conduct. If any of us did something violate the code, they will get points off from their grades as punishment. It did work well in some case on maintaining orders, and those who want to get a good grade will behave as the school expected. In terms of Michel Foucault, the punishment functioned at the “soul” of the people, and…show more content…
Each cell in the prison was designed in a special angel so every prisoner can only see the light emitted from the guardian tower. They cannot tell whether there is a guard sit on the top and watch them, so they behave what they are supposed to be even the guard did not have to be necessary sitting there. However, it was only the ideal situation and there are aways some exceptions that did not follow the ideal model. In panopticism, the author assumed that the prisoners will do good when were supervised, but why they are in the prison while outside the prison there are a lot of people watching them. I am not saying the model of panopticism is wrong but instead the situation was more complicated than we thought. In fact, the reason why prisoners decided to behave well was depended upon how worse the punishment will be. For example, in order to have a concentrated study at school, Student Code of Conduct strictly prohibits any distraction such as the use of cell phone in school. A camera was, therefore, set up in every classroom, and if someone was unfortunately took a picture by the camera, his or her will lose their phone and will not get return till the end of the semester. But things did not go well as the teachers expected, and the camera has nothing to do with reducing the use of cell phones. Those who one hundred percent focus on studying will not bring their phone to
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