Discrimination Against Women

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Today many Americans are being lied to by politicians, the media, and many celebrities and activists. They are spreading a myth that women in the US are being discriminated against by being paid less than their male counterparts because of sexism. For the most part this is just not true and people need to know about it. Three main reasons that cause women to be paid less is women choose different degrees and careers than men, men work longer hours, and men have jobs more dangerous than women. The fact that women are being paid less than men is true and very few people argue against this. However where the conflict arises is why women are being paid less and how to fix this. Politicians and the media are not the only ones who are spreading this…show more content…
These degrees often lead to jobs and future careers that in the end create how much money women and men make. In the past women were not allowed to get a higher education or the education they needed in order to get a good paying career, however that is not the case today. No one is physically blocking the door to a classroom the only thing stopping women from entering business or tech classes is there own knowledge. Women are just simply not choosing degrees that lead to high paying jobs, a recent study shows that men make up the majority in 9/10 top paying majors and women only make up the majority in 14/50 top paying majors. Another choice women aren 't making that men are in their careers especially nursing a women dominated career is job specialties, male nurses are more likely to have more specialties than their female counterparts which in return can cause their salaries to be higher even though nursing is mostly dominated by female workers. Even in the higher medical fields when men and women become doctors they choose different specialties like how women are more likely to become pediatricians or family care doctors while men usually gravitate to other specialties such as becoming a cardiovascular surgeon or anesthesiologist, orthopedic surgeon, etc. This fact is only one reason why women are being paid less another major reason is that men on average work longer hours than women and are more likely to relocate for their jobs and more likely to negotiate their
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