Essay On Discrimination And Discrimination

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Discrimination weakens parity in society. Discrimination may also weaken social solidarity, and in the context of employment, can destabilise labour standards and lead to an unproductive use of skills (Russell, Quinn, & King-O’Riain, 2008). The importance of eliminating discrimination is echoed in law which forbids discrimination in a variety of settings and on a range of grounds. Discrimination is often challenging to identify and quantify, as discriminatory behaviour is rarely observed directly (Peter Braham, Rhodes, Pearn, & Rhodes, 1982). The issue of equality in the workplace has attained greater standing because of the increased diversity of the modern labour force. The rapid increase in the number of women at work, the increase in inward migration, and the increased presence of people with disabilities and older people contribute to a more varied labour force (O’Connell and Russell, 2005).
Prejudice is an unjustified or incorrect negative attitude in the direction of an individual based exclusively on the individual’s affiliation of a social group. Prejudice in Morton 's typology refers to preconceived and irrational notions and approaches toward people, particularly adverse views toward minority groups. Discrimination is the action of treating somebody unfairly due to their status as a minority. The sociologist Robert Merton shaped a model showing how relationships between prejudice and discrimination can be at variance. In his four categories, Merton categorised

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