Examples Of Discrimination, Exclusion

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Section1 Discuss discrimination, exclusion Introduction Discrimination, exclusion and vulnerability are intertwined social complication that the world is facing and by any means trying to resolve. People are discriminated against in working areas, communities and other public areas, exclusion is also brewed by discrimination because immediately people are discriminated they become excluded from the society, vulnerability comes in because now people are no longer part of the society they then become endangered and exposed to the worlds obstacles by themselves. Discrimination Discrimination is the treatment or the consideration of, or making distinction in favour or against a person or thing based on the category to which a person or thing belongs. Discrimination comes in many forms namely, age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion and more. It is direct and indirect and these aspects will discussed below. Direct discrimination It is a discrimination against people’s whereby people are being treated unfairly because of their protected attributes like race, religion, gender etc. an example of this is: A certain group of black people who visit a restaurant that is owned and…show more content…
For instance a poor family with children that attend school in a community, amongst the community the family is talked about negatively and is taken slightly, they are not allowed to participate I society issues because they are poor, they share no normal relationship with no one in the community and are denied resources. The children at school do not enjoy like others because other children tease them of their situation at home, even teachers do not allow them to participate in any school activities, they do not let mingle with other children because they are considered as poor
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