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Discrimination of Muslims in France On a November day in France there was a soccer game between France and Germany in the Stade De France. While the match was going on, an impacting explosion sound was heard, and it was making all the crowd get a beeping sound on their ears. All players ran to the locker rooms to protect themselves as the crowd was running down to the field. The stadium was full of smoke, screams of scared people, and the sound of bullets being shot. When Paris police arrived they cleared the stadium but many people were kidnapped and were killed one by one. This was a very tragic moment in France because many people died or got injured, and it was the first terrorist attack in a long time. This was one of several terrorist attacks in France. After, Muslims have been discriminated. Muslims human rights have been violated in France with job opportunities, their participation in some events or places by the French government and citizens, and even though there are many solutions to these problems, the French state is having a hard time accepting them again. France government discriminates Islamic people in many ways. one way of discrimination is that government gives Islams a really a low chance of getting a good well-paid job in france. It also tells us that the most common jobs that they…show more content…
Discrimination in france is not good for the world because France is one of the most developed countries in the world and they are the ones who sets examples to other countries. Discrimination never ends because other countries will follow their example. So discrimination will be increasing. The world will get every time worse, after researching about these topic I realized that life for muslims is really painful and difficult. Now imagine that discrimination ended how do you think the world would

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