Essay On Discrimination In Hong Kong

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Why are people so ignorant? Why does subconscious discrimination happen to those who get look down upon. People judged others subconsciously meaning that they do it without realizing. This problem causes boundaries between people and harmony is broken.All around the world there is always segregation and Hong Kong is no different. Hong Kong has been characterized as a minority ever since it was a colony of Great Britain to where it 's at today. After two decades, China 's discrimination towards Hong Kong continues today, as a result of its historical colonization from Great Britain, political status ,and protests for independence. The historical colonization of Hong Kong plays a big role in the discrimination that people experience. During the Qing Dynasty, Chinese people dislike foreigners and all the ideas regarding them. The British wanted to trade with China ,but China refuse to trade with them because there was nothing that they produced that was useful for the Chinese. The only thing that China didn’t have was opium since it was an banned in China. Chinese farmers wanted Opium since it was a painkiller. The Chinese government was very harsh on the people in the lower class. Britain declared war against the Qing Dynasty known as the Opium War, where China…show more content…
Hong Kong has suffered a series of conflicts over its very short history of being a colony of Great Britain, its political status and the violent protests for independence. People can’t justify this discrimination since they often see themselves as superior over the others. Wealth and status are usually what causes these abstract boundaries. People can 't live their lives as equals to others since there will always be a way to find hierarchy. Superiority and inferiority are all subjective and socially constructed. These concepts were all made by humans and it 's not natural instinct. At the end of the day, all humans live and share one planet which outweighs all the other negative aspects that this

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