Examples Of Discrimination

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Discrimination is as simple as being judged by the way you look. Have you ever been judged? The main thing that you might see discrimination in is racism. Racism is a big example. Blacks are mostly discriminated for the color of their skin. Islamic people are judged because people think they are terrorist. Even some whites are judged by others because of things that other white people have done. There is discrimination everywhere in the world.
One of the biggest and my personal favorite event of discrimination was Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a woman who refused to give up her seat for a white person after a hard day at work. Before the 1960 's colored people were not allowed to sit in front of the bus, and if they did they would have to give
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They thought it was a safe haven from any discrimination, but they were proven wrong. A huge explosion soon went out and four young girls were killed. This bombing drawn national attention and people wanted justice
Many forms of discrimination that I personally read about was in the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”. In the book there was a lot of examples of discrimination. The book was set in the 1930’s so there was still segregation. In the book there is a case about a black man raping a white women, when actually the white women kissed him and he tried to get away. He ended up losing the case. More happened in jail then. To start off my first example from the book I am going to talk about Scout. Scout is the narrator. She is a daughter and sister. Her mother died when she was very young. She had no mother to teach her how to be a girl. Scout is more like a tomboy. She has grown up around her brother, father, and maid. Scout gets discriminated by her aunt Alexandra. She was a very proper person. She acted as if what she did affects her whole family. She discriminated Scout because she didn’t wear dresses and didn’t act proper. She also discriminated Scout because she played outside with her brothers. Scout didn’t like that her aunt tried to come into her life and change who she
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