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The evolution of diet and lifestyle may have been birthed outside the Caribbean but that does not mean the negative effects of such was accompanied by various diseases that is presently plaguing the Caribbean, and to extension the world, today. Factors such as “economic development, infectious agents, and racial/ethnic origin” (Phillips, Jacobson, Magai, Consedine, Horowicz-Mehler, & Neugut; 2007) could have, as well, been factors exhibited in the Caribbean due to the Caribbean elements. For example, as the islands developed, the people would have create faster and less time consuming methods of producing food. This means the healthier way of growing and preparing food would now be replaced by another quicker method to meet the demand for food. Another point is the fact that diseases existed on the islands before people had the luxury to jump in a plane and migrate for six months in the United States. Diseases existed in the Caribbean since Columbus time, as we would have read in history books that the people on the islands die from diseases on a daily basis, and such disease was contagious. Their pathogens mixed with the New World own caused an outbreak in smallpox, measles, chicken pox and others causing a deadly…show more content…
As time passed by, human lifestyle has changed causing a change in the environment and a change in how the body behaves in such environment. The existence of fast food restaurants have caused an increase in heart disease for the Caribbean people. Such ailment did not exist in 1492 and as such cannot be discarded as a cause for concern. In addition, the lifestyles that are adopted from the United States have improved the standard of living but has degraded the islander’s nutrition and “increased the diet-related chronic diseases” (WHO,

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