Essay On Dishonored: Dystopian Breakdown

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Dishonored: Dystopian Breakdown To some people, revenge solves everything, and to Corvo Attano that’s exactly his solution. Be it a rat plague, corrupt governments, murdered empresses, kidnapped daughters, The Outsider, or just some asshole ‘friends’ who want to poison you, there’s always an adventure in the video game Dishonored. To prove that a video game can be a dystopia, there are three major points to go over. First, we will ravage through the background information, second we will plague the current problems between both Corvo and the society, (see what I did there? Used the alternative definition of what plague could mean. Magic.) and of course we will understand why it’s a dystopia itself, since that is the whole point of this paper. Dishonored takes place in the industrial city of Dunwall, where an extreme amount of technology and other immense forces coexist. The city’s layout would remind someone of London or Edinburgh…show more content…
A dystopia is where the government is corrupt and causing the oppressive, tyrannical, corrupt style of living, if living is even an option. Many video games it’s not the government that is the corrupt one, it’s more often than not outside forces that the protagonist helps the government ward off. There are very few games with this level of display for corruption that the government has. It’s not every day that their proclaimed ruler spreads a rat plague that destroys three fourths of an entire country, assassinates the Empress, kidnaps her daughter, builds giant electrocuting walls that shock you to ash, and can still call it a “utopia”. If your ideal day is walking out of your battered, wind sickened, rickety old wood house and getting eaten alive by plagued rats and turned into an inhuman beast that cries blood, then maybe this is the place for you - Though I highly doubt that would be anyone 's
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