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Dislocation is the term given to the displacement of bones from their normal position, considerable force is needed to do this. The elbow joint is a complex synovial hinge – where the ulnar, radius and humerus articulate. There are three types of dislocation, the range in severity. A simple dislocation is one in which no major bone injury has occurred. Fractures to the radial head and neck, olecranon and distal humeral condyles/epicondyles have been approximated to occur between 5% and 15% of all elbow dislocations (Middleton, 2012). Fractures like these change the type of dislocation from simple to complex. Therefore a complex dislocation may involve both ligament and bone injuries. A severe dislocation can be catastrophic; there is a high chance that the many nerves and blood vessels that travel in and around the elbow joint may be injured, therefore there is a risk of losing the arm(O’Driscoll, 2009).

Dislocation of the elbow is uncommon; usually occurring when someone falls onto an extended hand. As the hand hits the ground the force travels up through the forearm and into the elbow, causing displacement of the bones. Occasionally the arm rotates as the individual falls which drives the elbow out of the socket. Dislocations also occur as a result of
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In this direction, PED occurs as a result of the radius and ulna being driven posteriorly to the humerus, considerable force is henceforth needed. As well as this the olecranon process of the ulna displaces into the olecranon fossa at the distal end of the humerus. The coronoid process of the ulna is then forced under the trochlea of the humerus (Martin, 2008). Other types of dislocation include anterior, medial, lateral and

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