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The History of Disney
-An Existent World of Cartoons
On May 27th, Alice through the Looking Glass (Alice in Wonderland 2) has come out in both China and North America, and this new episode of nursery rhymes in Disney Company has drawn people’s attention already. All these years, Disney Company created numerous miracles which not only in cartoons but many other fields, such as theme park, toys, books, digital products. How did Disney Company grow and gain worldwide recognition, more over became an entertainment giant?
In the year of 1923, Disney was founded by Walt Disney and his elder brother Roy O. Disney, however, little is known about how the company started its dream journey. In 1919, Walt Disney and his colleague Ub Iwerks who was one of the earliest creators of Mickey Mouse hit it off immediately and founded the Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists in Kansas City. Walt was with a strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking while Ub was quite skillful as a painter, so they made good for deficiency. It kept the two youths busy for a
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All the contemporary Americans had watched Disney Cartoons in their childhood. They have accompanied American people from generations to generations. To a certain degree, Disney Cartoons cultivated the American into a man with passion and optimism, so it became a part of American culture-a lively and colorful symbol. In last year, Disney Company ranked the 214th of the top 500 companies in the world. In despite of it, the company always engages in making innovations along the way. Take the case of Disney Park; three traditions have been heritage for generations-Etiquette, Disney Stage and the Disney University. Each employee is the performer, and they are able to wear as a cartoon characters to amuse visitors. There is no worker in Disneyland. Besides, all the staff would learn something in the Disney University and receive some special training because the visitor is

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