Essay On Disney Stereotypes

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In our society, children have been exposed to movies, television series and products, such as toys and video games that promotes misunderstanding messages about the roles and identity of people. Children are faced stereotypes as an early age where they have given some messages that portrays that look to be true about the distinction of people in the society in terms of race, culture and gender. Mass media is one of the big impacts on children whether the messages are intentional or not. One example that seems problematic in perpetuating stereotypes is the movies, particularly, Disney Princesses. Children love Disney movies, especially the little ones. In Disney movies, the gender roles of a perfect and ideal man and woman portrayed in the movie, especially Disney Princesses. Many young girls and boys are exposed to various Disney princes and princesses about the creation of their future self images be like. Their unrealistic representations of these images have been a big impact on their mind In terms of an ideal man, the guy supposed to be good looking, strong, aggressive, heroic savers. On the other hand,…show more content…
This will affect the development of self-image in young children. In addition, it also shows that women have to get marry a prince who is rich so that their life could get easier and in order to be happy like the movie Cinderella. I do not think that we should blame Disney movies for creating such movies with stereotypes because this movies just only represented what life was like before in the early centuries. The producers and writers must have thought that this is how life was like in that year was created. These days, Disney have been creating Disney Princesses movies that shows less stereotypes, such as Princess and the Frog where the Princess has to work hard in order to get her dreams come
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