Essay On Derealization

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Distortion of reality is a symptom of mental illness and also known as derealization. In this disorder, a person feels that his surrounding is not real. Having a feeling of detachment from reality is normal. But it turns into a disorder when you repeatedly or persistently have the feelings that you are detached from your body or the things in your surroundings are not real. Distortion of reality can be very disturbing because you feel like you are living in a dream and it makes you live a doubtful life whether thing around you are real or not. Almost, all of us experience this derealization at some point but it is considered as a derealization disorder if it is frequent. People with traumatic situations in past are commonly the victims of…show more content…
They can cause: Difficulty focusing on tasks or remembering things Interference with work and other routine activities Problems in relationships with your family and friends Anxiety or depression A sense of hopelessness Treatment Of Derealization There are different therapies that can be carried out depending on the individual needs of each person, and they aimed at improving social and communication skills through different activities, such as: Occupational or sensory therapy: It is used in case there are any integration problems of sensors or poor motor coordination. Specialized language therapy: to help those who have problems with using or understanding the language when having a conversation. Talk therapy: This therapy helps to improve the communication
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