Essay On Distractions

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Distractions are something that affects people all the way from the classroom to the dinner table. A distraction is like an interruption, it is a thing that keeps you from giving full attention to another. Distractions can be very detrimental to the surroundings that we face daily in this world. People can be distractions. One big distraction that is found every corner you turn is cell phones, television and so many other things (Becker). In this essay, you will find how to tell if someone has distractions in their life, what are are some ways to prevent distractions and why there are distractions in the first place. Distractions can be symptoms of diseases, or distractions themselves can be so consuming they act as if they are a disease. A distraction is a symptom of multiple diseases such as depression and Alzheimer's (Symptom). Distractions are not rare, they are everywhere around you, everywhere you turn (Becker). Somethings you may not even realize some distractions are distractions. A way to tell if a person is distracted is by seeing how much time you give a specific task, attention. For example, how much time…show more content…
We live in a world full of distractions, so we are bound to fall into them. The distractions are endless, they are everywhere. We need distractions, they are apart of how this world has developed. Technology and it’s profoundness have truly changed this world, but not all for the good. Many social media sites (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.) take up so much of our time and they keep us from doing a task [they interrupt us from continuing]. Our natural nature of being raised with these sites and internet access have caused us to think we need them, just because ALL of society has them. Smartphones are the “drug of distractions,” the computer in our pockets was basically made to distract us (Murphy). The influence that the world’s distractions has on all people is what causes
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