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A rainbow is made up of seven main colours, and only appears as a single curvature. Likewise, the world is made up of all kinds of people, each with their own differences, but exists as one species. According to Wikipedia, the concept of harmony within diversity is a unity based on an understanding that differences cultivates human synergy. Disunity amongst diverse individuals can cause fragmentations and disagreements within ourselves. It is important that we learn the effects of disunity in an organisation. Unanimity in divergence, however, constructs a broad-minded individual. Not everyone is aware of the effects of unity and disunity in an organisation, so authorities have put in a lot of effort to remind citizens of how unique this world is with its diversity in culture and beliefs.
It is important that we, as human beings, recognise the
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Many authorities all around the world have been receptive of this matter and have attempted to raise awareness. The government of Malaysia has taken many actions to promote peace within our people. For example, the campaign, ‘Satu Malaysia’, which means ‘One Malaysia’, has opened many eyes of the people of Malaysia to merge ourselves into a society that radiates an approachably harmonious lifestyle and mindset. Despite the fact that these attempts to promote the display of love towards one another seem futile, the results show otherwise. During the three main festive seasons: Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Diwali that unifies Malaysia as a country, many people of different ethnicities gather together to celebrate it. This in itself is truly an inspiring sight for people all around the world. Conclusively, these efforts to unify people have not been all for naught, and that as responsible human beings it would not hurt to try and promote harmony within

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