The Importance Of Diverse Responsive Teaching

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Given the large diversity of students in classrooms today; it is imperative that teachers learn how to become diverse educators through the techniques and implications they use in their practices. "Diverse responsive teaching (DRT) has emerged as an important approach to the challenges of classroom diversity…DRT also promotes mutual respect among class members and provides valuable lessons for life by empowering students with accurate information about diversity" (Price, 2019, pgs. xv-xvi). To become an effective teacher, a person must possess numerous qualities: creating an environment for learning, helping students develop understanding, extending and applying knowledge, and diverse responsive teaching; to name a few (Nine Strategies for…show more content…
As an educator, you must help students develop a clear understanding of the lesson by activating their background knowledge while incorporating a new sense of knowledge as well (Nine Strategies for Effective Instruction, n.d.). Difficult situations can easily arise given such a varied range of students from culture, language, ethnicity, race, ability, socioeconomic background, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and age (Price, 2019, pg. xiv). To be an effective teacher a person must establish a solution using multiple interventions throughout their lesson planning considering the needs of every type of student including IEPs or 504 plans, ELLs, and gifted students (edTPA, 2016, p. 41). This can include a variety of methods such as visual aids, charts, demonstration, a checklist with specific instructions geared towards an activity, connections to student experiences, etc. This will evolve each learners' knowledge and create a better understanding of the subject matter. Accommodating each student individually and as a whole will lead to the success of all students. Secondly, a teacher must demonstrate a positive learning environment for their students, as well as maintaining a positive attitude and enthusiasm within their teachings. (Thompson, Greer, & Greer, n.d.) stated; "Effective teachers are those who use 'meaningful…show more content…
Consequently, the educator is providing a disservice to the students not to mention, themselves because it may lead to disruptive behavior in the future. Teachers should understand the content area they are teaching and be able to relate it to other subject areas or real-life familiarities. Students will become more engaged and gain more comprehension by connecting new thoughts to prior knowledge. This type of learning can be implemented into lesson plans that involve investigations. Students can use the investigation to identify or resolve issues that have undetermined answers. The point of investigating is to steer children away from right-answer learning and towards questioning (Nine Strategies for Effective Instruction (n.d.). To summarize, a teacher's purpose is to guide their students and be a role model that students can strive to be like in the future. As teachers, we should encourage the growth and commitment of our students so that they can flourish as individuals and as the new generations of minds. Considering the qualities and characteristics of what an effective teacher should be; the importance of educators can be easily assessed in society. The words and actions as an educator will have an enduring effect on the students and the adults they will one day

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