Essay On Diversity And Inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion To better deliver enhanced care for a diverse population of patient, it is imperative that healthcare organizations upsurge the diversity of their staff. As a leader, it will be my ultimate objective to develop a platform of diversity and inclusion in order to engage the rest of the team and provide first-rate, unbiased care for all. Diversity is paramount in healthcare for the elimination of health disparities in the quality and access of health services. The health of certain percentage of the population such as minorities continue to lag behind due to the issues such as access to healthcare and its quality. This has been as a result of ineffective patient-provider communication and also provider prejudice. Therefore, by implementing diversity of the team and inclusion of cultural competency in the daily running of the organization, patients will be able to receive care from providers that they are most comfortable with and that in return will improve the overall quality and outcome of care. Diversity of gender, race, socioeconomic status and thought are necessary to bring about innovation.…show more content…
Our leadership approach is eventually shaped based on our academic environment, professional life or a momentous minute of clarity. The “Scholar-Practitioner Learning Model” links the gap between those leadership attributes that are acquired academically and those from the real world. The combination of scholarly exploration conducted academically together with its practical application create strategies that fosters effective leadership. This innovative learning model supports lifetime education and the capability to apply leadership in our professional atmosphere. The academic experiences also create opportunities for precarious collaborations that allocate knowledge into daily
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