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In this globalized world, a huge number of people from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and certainly cultures should work interactively and this global working culture can be defined with only two words as change and diversity. Many organizations are developing their businesses by expanding their borders in other countries because the world where we are currently living is becoming a small village and the distance between the countries are diminishing year by year. Many people tend to be the part of worldwide economy and they want to be eligible to compete with everyone. In this case, various kinds of organizations need diversity in order to be more creative and overcome the obstacles and challenges. Indeed, foreign companies in Uzbekistan
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Here the primary dimensions of diversity mean that they are basic items which have more impact on our identity and self-image than the secondary dimensions. These are age, gender, mental and physical abilities, race, character and ethnicity. When it comes to the secondary dimensions, they have more influence on our self-definition and self-esteem. In the list of secondary dimensions our family status, education background, first language, organizational role, geographic location, work style, work experience, religion and communication style are included. It is apparent from these two types of dimensions that the diversity in the workplace plays vital role. Diversity in the workplace attracts employees from wide range of backgrounds and this gives the organization chance to create creative, quality and talented workforce (Sunanda, Bagade and Prabha, 2013). Nevertheless, the workplace diversity can be responsible for conflicts between employees due to difference of behaviors, perception, attitudes, ideas, interest, religious and political differences (Abdel, 2012). Kigali argued that conflict is not always negative and it depends on how conflict is solved, if it is handled correctly, it can be valuable source of improvement (2006). These views indicate that although the diversity can be the cause of conflict, by handling them properly diversity can be responsible for huge advantages for the organization as it was mentioned

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