Essay On Diversity In Tourism

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1. INTRODUCTION- As we all know that the tourism industry is growing rapidly in India. The travel and tourism industry has blessed the country. India gets a third rank among the world for its tourism. Our India is known as heritage country, so by this name our country has gain the popular rank among the tourist.
India gets the second highest income from this industry. Among all the world India is ranked 38th country for its number of tourists. In coming years this industry will be growing and is going to touch the highest peaks.
The Ministry Of India has done a wonderful job and is maintaining its campaign named INCREDIBLE INDIA. Through this campaign, India was able to reach the entire world and people came to know the true colours and reality of Indian history and heritage.
The WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION rated India 16th rank in 2012.
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First of all it is necessary to increase the knowledge about the religious customs traditions and beliefs of different people through communication. This can be done by visiting different countries or places, because of this it is very important that business heads should make efforts to inculcate among the people to have the feeling of appreciation for those coming from other countries, religion, age, gender, caste etc.
 INFLUENCE OF WORKPLACE DIVERSITY- The people employed in the tourism industry establishments are very large in nature with great diversity. In the tourism establishment’s people are employed from all walks of life and different nationalities to enhance productivity and nurture workplace diversity that creates a positive influence on the tourism industry. Employing people from around the world enhances business in the tourism industry, thus portraying a positive image and giving employment opportunities to all regardless of race, gender or
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