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Picking the right bed for your beloved pet can be so difficult, especially, when there are just so many out there to choose from! It’s disheartening to watch your dog sleep on the couch or worse, on your bed specifically after you go buy the pricey one. Here’s a simple guide to give you a few ideas on what types of dog beds are actually out there and which one might be the best fit for your furry friend and there are some general tips to think about when deciding which type would best suit a special dog.
The first thing to consider is size. You don't want to get a bed for your puppy that is made for smaller dogs, especially if it's a larger breed. You don't want your dog to quickly outgrow its new bed, so ensure the growth factor before purchasing a new sleeping space for your puppy.
Even with a fully grown animal, be sure to get a bed that is big enough for them to have room to stretch out in and not feel too crowded. If you get a dog bed that's a bit on the smaller side, your dog may not use it. Also note the height of dog beds. You don't want to select a bed that is too high for your small dog. A raised bed, however, may help keep your dog warm if your house is drafty.
The shape is another consideration. Dog beds come in several different shapes and looks. There are round ones, square ones, beds that resemble little couches, dog beds with
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They come in square, round, or rectangular shapes, though square and rectangular are the most popular types. These basic beds are stuffed with either foam or cotton that provides extra cushion. Basic beds are typically not expensive and can be found at any pet supplies retailer. It is best to purchase a basic bed that is twice the size of the dog that will be using it. This allows the dog to feel comfortable and have as much room as possible on the bed. It is also best for the basic bed to have a removable cover for easy clean

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