Essay On Dog Crates

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Dogs are naturally Den animals. Dog Crates just duplicate the environment to our domestic condition. Before we start crate training our Dog, we should know that Dogs are not against crates. Dogs do like their crate. In the wild, a dog’s den is their home, a safe space where dogs sleep, retreat, and raise pups without fear of danger, without outside threat.
A crate for dog just fulfills that need in our domestic surrounding. They even mark their crate as a demarcation of their area, like how the wild dog does. They love to be in a place that they know is safe And is theirs. For a domesticated dog, a crate fulfills this natural need for a safe haven.
Dog crates helps in keeping our dog safe, when we go out leaving the dog at home . When a Dog is left alone without supervision, it feels a variety of emotions
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It is important that dog crates should be soft and of right fit. Dogs will be spending most of its time in the crate; that’s why it needs to be perfect. The crate we choose for our pup should have enough space for it to relax and stretch. The bottom of the crate should have a soft cloth, towel or rug on it so that the dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Make sure that the crate has good openings so that dogs likes their crate.
What Dog Crates will be the Best for Dogs?
There are several varieties of crates available. It can be a bit daunting to figure out the size and style to pick for your dog. The most common crate varieties are wire crates, plastic crates, and fabric crates.
Fabric Crates
Fabric crates are great for small dogs to travel in, for sporting events, or for camping. With a fabric crate, dog must be well trained. Since fabric crates are not secure, they are not recommended for long-term confinement without supervision. The benefits of a fabric crate are that it is light weight and that it folds flat for easy storage and
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