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Dog dry heaving, otherwise known as retching, refers to vomit-like feelings without any substance. This happens when a dog attempt to vomit, the airway closes while the diaphragm contracts. A dog that is making the motion of vomiting without producing anything, this is known as dry heaving or heaving. This may be an indication of the a dog having internal parasites, internal infections, or food allergy, bloat, liver dysfunction or has swallowed and ingested a toxic substance, like bone meal fertilizer, which is attractive to dogs who consider it as a food source. In other cases, dry heaves might be cause by head injury or bloat, a potential life-threatening condition that can lead to shock and ultimately. If you see your dog displaying…show more content…
Especially if your dog is among the high-risk breeds or has experience bloating in the past, you want to feed two or three smaller daily meals instead of one large meal.

Avoid exercising your dog immediately after eating a meal, and withhold large amounts of water for an hour after eating. Give your dog body enough time to process the food she eat and then provide the water in a little quantity.

A slower rate of food consumption will help to reduce the amount of air your dog swallows, thus reducing the possibility of bloating.

Try to spread the food out on the cookie sheet. You can also purchase a type of bowl designed to slow down eating. Try putting your dogs in separate rooms to reduce competition between them at meal time.

In addition, dog cough can be prevented by avoiding inadequately ventilated conditions, exposure to cold and stress and all these factors may contribute to the development of this infection. Making sure your dogs does not have access to things that can get wedged in their throat and watching them closely to make sure they do not chew on inappropriate items that can lodge in your throat completely.

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