Dog Grooming Research Paper

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WELCOME to the first Module of The Dog Grooming Business Course.
We call this the Reality Check.

First of all, just a reminder - in case you missed it in the Introduction:

• This course is WRITTEN BY the owner of a commercial dog grooming salon.

• The course is CREATED FOR anybody who wants to open their own commercial dog grooming business.

• You don’t have to be a trained or qualified dog groomer – but you will have to learn about grooming. This course will help either way.

Also, to be absolutely clear: when we talk about ‘commercial’ dog grooming, this means we’re not talking about styling dogs for the show-ring at Westminster or Cruft’s.
We’re talking about setting up and running a business that provides a service for people’s PET dogs. Like the local
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This is not to frighten you off. It is to educate you. It is to help you understand that there really is a lot of information, training, knowledge and business savvy in running a successful dog grooming business.

It’s time to de-bunk a few myths about dog grooming.

MYTH NO. 1: I have a passion for animals, not people. Because I get to work with dogs, I won’t have to deal with people.


Many people go into dog grooming because they will get to work with dogs instead of having to work with people. This is only partly true. Because behind every dog is a dog owner. The dog owner is your customer. The person who comes to you for your service and pays for your time and effort.

A lot of dog owners are responsible and mature people. They are willing to take on the requirements of dog ownership. In exchange for their dog’s affection, love and loyalty, they are willing to walk their dog. Train their dog. Brush their dog. Buy all the right accessories. Clean up their poo. Worm them. Give them a regular flea treatment. Take them to the vet when they are ill. Bring them to the grooming salon every six weeks. And

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