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TIPS TO STOP YOUR DOG JUMPING ON PEOPLE Why do Dogs Jump? It is natural for dogs and puppies to jump up on people especially when they are trying to say hello. The reason for this is not far-fetched; it is because human beings are taller than they are and just like the way dogs sniff into the face of another dog when they greet they tend to do the same when they want to greet people. What are the possible solution to prevent your dog from Jumping? A way to prevent your dog jumping is to teach the dog to avoid jumping at you when it greets and let it know that you greet only dogs that keep their front paws on the floor. It can be a bit to communicate this to the dog as you won 't achieve it by words but through your actions, you can tell the dog it is bad to jump at people. A major reason why dogs greet by jumping is to attract your attention so that you can pet her, understanding this fact can help you show the dog what it must do to earn your touch and…show more content…
No matter how irritated you get at your dog because of her jumping attitude, always show that care once the dog 's feet touch the ground. Two major things are important in teaching and preventing your dogs from jumping they are; • Management: this is how you act and control the situation when your dog jumps. • Training: Teach your dog that he gets no petting and attention if he 's jumping on you or other people around you. Teach your dog how to sit when greeting, be consistent in how you act and what you do when your dog jumps, that way the dog will realize that he gets to miss the attention and petting he craves for when he jumps. Training is all that matters in helping your dog stop the habit of jumping on you and other people. You can train your dog to stand or sit to greet people instead of jumping on them. Here are a few exercises that can help in this regard; What NOT to Do • Avoid shouting at your dog when she jumps up on you or other people. Shouting cause more jumping up as the dog will get more

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