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Basic Obedience Training for Your Dog

Dog training is a very complex job that demands a lot of patience. It requires dedication, patience and much work. The results do not come immediately and it takes time for your dog to understand what you want him to do. Dogs differ in learning, as well as people, some will understand faster and some slower.

Basic training involves the socialization of a dog, its adapting to the owner, space and other dogs. It is based on the fact that a dog learns to perform a certain action on the given command. Adopting the commands is accomplished by numerous repeating.
The habit is created by repeating actions and the dog automatically performs a certain action on the given command.

The dressage is successfully completed when the dog performs the actions on the given command, and always without the error.
The training of a dog can be performed by the owner or the dog trainer.
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Opinions about when it 's best to start dressage are different. Although most experts agree that the basic dog training should begin earlier, because younger dogs learn commands faster than older ones. However, older dogs can also be taught, but this goes a bit harder and it lasts longer. All you need is persistence.
Dog training can be divided into 2 parts - pre-dressage and dressage.

Pre-dressage begins very early, around dog’s sixth month, sometimes even before. In this period, the dog learns basic commands. It is usually done at home, at the place that is known to the dog. The dog learns to pay attention to the owner, other people and dogs in its surrounding, it’s getting used to the collar and the leash, as well as responding to its own name.
The dressage should start when the dog strenghtens and and is fully grown. In this period, the dog learns responding to commands issued by the owner or dog trainer, such as sit down, stand by, bring it, take it, etc. Unlike pre-dressage, dressage is mostly done outside.
Learning basic

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