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Freeze dried liver dog treats are common rewards for dog behaviour trainings. However, this protein-rich source can be toxic to healthy dogs. Discover how.

Freeze-dried liver dog treats were primarily made to replace the usual raw liver treats. It is one of the most popular among other dried treats made in the USA. Some pet owners are not into raw-feeding, so manufacturers thought of an alternative way so dogs can still enjoy the rich flavour of liver.
Pet owners and dog experts know how these treats are important in teaching their dogs’ good manners and behaviour. They call it positive reinforcement. Treats are the most common and effective tool for this technique.
The reason that dog treats are effective during training is
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While it offers health benefits, too much of liver treats can also be harmful to your furry friend.
Liver treats are rich in protein and Vitamin A and some dogs cannot just handle that. They may develop diarrhea or allergies if they were given too much liver treats. Likewise, dogs that eat plenty of liver have a higher risk of having hypervitaminosis A.
It refers to an overdose of vitamin A, which can be acquired by eating too much animal liver. The common symptoms of this include digestive problems, bone deformity, weight loss, stiffness and weakness. Dogs with hypervitaminosis A should completely avoid eating liver in all forms.
According to the National Research Council, the recommended allowance of Vitamin A (as measured in grams, are as follows: Adequate Intake - 40; Recommended Daily Allowance - 50. Too much Vitamin A can lead to toxicity.
The best healthy dog treats are still the one that is home cooked. Try making your own liver treats at home. You can order fresh liver online or in your trusted market. Organic liver is the best choice to make long lasting dog treats.

Although there are plenty of freeze-dried dog treats in the market today, below is our top three

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