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Dog Training for Dog Wellness Dogs are one of the most common pets and companions mankind has. They’re popular both in sporting competitions such as agility and hunting, and in obedience training competitions like Schutzhund/IPO. Dogs are able to perform challenging jobs like search and rescue and are a vital aide in many police and military protection. With their ability to be put in so many different jobs it’s crucial the handler understands what his dog needs in order to fully reach their potential. Dogs were breed for a purpose and we the trainer need to understand what their pedigree means. A German Shepherd needs to be provided with many challenging tasks in order to fulfill their basic needs as an animal. A Border…show more content…
People love their dogs and love to work with their dogs. They're extremely useful in many different jobs like service dogs and drug sniffing. As the handler we want our dogs to go beyond the normal and our dogs want the same thing. So as the handler we need to understand our dogs on an intimate level to allow room for immense improvement. Firstly, we need to understand that our dogs are animals and we need to treat them as such. We also need to make sure that while training we're emitting confidence instead of fear or unease, so our dogs can trust in our actions. We also need to understand that our dogs require both mental and physical training in order for them to fit in body and mind. But above all we want our relationship with our dog to grow stronger every day. By understanding these key things we're providing an environment for our dogs to thrive. Handlers demand the best out of their dogs but if we want the best from them they deserve the best effort from us. It's our job as the handler to make time to learn about how our dogs think and behave and what their basic needs are so we can provide them with all the best tactics. Dogs give us everything, so let's give that energy right

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