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A best friend is someone you would like to hang out with most of the time. Dogs are considered man’s best friend because, in the case of the majority of pet owners, they would rather spend times with their canine than humans.

A new study found that over 50 percent of American dog owners skip human commitments to have more time with their dogs. The reason behind why they prefer to spend more hours with their pets than other people is that the dog can lessen relationship stress and soften a bad hair day at the office.

5 times a week

According to a research conducted by Link AKC, the creator of smart dog collars, dog owners get through five stressful events weekly because of their pet dogs, SWNS reported. Many K9 owners claimed that they got over a breakup or handled the death of a loved one with some help from their dogs.
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The Hope Animal Assisted Crisis Response, a national, volunteer-based non-profit crisis response organization, brought specially trained dogs to the base camp at Earl Warren Snowgrounds to provide comfort to humans.

The mudslide killed at least 18 residents and damaged homes, including the neighbor of popular TV host Oprah Winfrey, actor Jeff Bridges. TMZ reported that Oprah – whom people are clamoring to run for US president in 2020 after her recent speech – was seen talking to search-and-rescue workers on Saturday in Montecito, including comfort dogs.

In a social media post, Oprah wrote, “People not the only heroes in our little community. Met some 4 legged ones too.”

Steve Booth, the regional director of Hope AACR Southwest, said that the animals are trained to engage with survivors and different situations as well as different environments and different feels. He considers the pooches the seal team of therapy dog

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