Essay On Dogs In The Military

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Throughout the history of mankind, dogs have always been some of the most useful things that they have ever used. Having dogs around has always benefited mankind. Dog’s make loyal companions to humans. They have also been used in jobs such as agricultural jobs, law enforcement jobs, and military. Although, there has always been controversy over whether they should be used in the military or law enforcement. The bottom line is that dog’s should continue to be used in the military, because no matter what mankind tries to do, it is impossible to replace the dog’s with anything else. One reason that dog’s should continue to be used in the military is because they are blessed with characteristic that humans do not have. When people look at dogs and humans, they will notice a number of differences between them. Some of those differences can be body shapes, dog’s are smaller and more agile, intelligence, dog’s may have stronger scents than humans, and some animals may also have better stamina than…show more content…
One other reason that dogs should continue to be used in the military is because they are more easily trainable and obedient to their masters, The dog 's used in the military, along with the other types of working dogs all around the world, are loyal. Loving companions that will be willing to listen to the ones that they look up to, regardless of how dangerous the missions can be in the line of duty. Dangerous missions can include bomb detection, and anti tank dogs. However, it is still argued to this day that the dogs never get to choose to be in the army. It is said that the dogs are often forced to do jobs that the human soldiers know will get them seriously injured, or even killed. There is also a myth that the dogs are left behind after wars are done. Unfortunately, it used to be a reality that dogs were left behind during the Vietnam War. But in modern war, this is no longer the case. The dog’s are usually returned back to the bases in the United States
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