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Can too much Exercise Harm the Heart? Exercising or fitness is not a very easy phenomena, it's a whole science that you must understand before you start doing exercises. Doing too little of an exercise or workout can do no benefit to you, and doing too much exercise can also harm your health. We talk so much about the downsides of not doing enough exercise, but unfortunately people don’t talk much about the side effects of over doing exercise. But if you don’t want to risk your health or the lives of your loved ones, than you must learn what happen to your body when you exercise. A research study showed that doing too much exercises can be counterproductive to the body. A study was conducted, which studied the heart condition of athletics who had gone through tough training and exercising, surprising these people had more heart problems than a person who does moderate amount of…show more content…
Similarly doing too much exercise can also harm your body and doing too less of it can also harm your body. 1. Aerobic or cardiovascular workout: Aerobic or cardiovascular workouts are the most common methods of exercising. They are extremely effective as they involve all the large muscles of the body. Cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling etc. can help in increasing the blood flow; as a result more volume of blood enters and leaves your heart. This leads to the enlargement of the left ventricle, with bigger ventricle heart can pump and receive more blood. With continuous training, you can drop your resting heart rate, as heart would pump more blood per beat. This is why cardio exercises are considered beneficial to the heart. But with too much cardio workouts, your body gets stressed. A stressed body cannot function like a normal one; as a result many other problems rise. The appropriate amount of cardio or aerobic

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