Essay On Domestic Violence In Cambodia

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Domestic violence in South East Asia: The case of Cambodia
Cambodia is a developing country with about 52% of women, because of the decades of war the situation of women is not good, especially in the rural area. They fact many challenging such as illiterate, trafficking, abusing, migration, domestic violence and so on. Domestic violence is the worst challenging for women since it happens in the individual household which sometimes no one can see or help. Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior which involves violence include physical, mental, and sexual by one person against another in domestic setting such as beating, slapping, kicking, or intercourse sex without approval. In addition, domestic violence is a chronical problem, which happens
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The property of poverty is inadequate in economy condition in family. Most of people in rural are workers and farmers; they work in whole day with a little bit wages. In Cambodia, husband is responsible for earning income to support family, wife does not work outside they work only housework. The pressure of unemployed, temporary job, and low income made men use alcohol to release their stress, then they perpetrated violence in family. The Cambodia Data Sheet on Intimate Partner Violence states that “Poorer women are more likely to experience intimate partner violence than rich women (Leaflet_VPV, 2016). However, Cambodia Demographic Health Survey showed the percentage of women who had experienced physical, sexual, or emotional was 37.1%, 27.3% and 20.6% for women’s whose wealth’s autonomy lowest, middle, and highest, respectively. The proportion of women who suffered any types of domestic violence decreased as wealth’s autonomy of women increased. Sutherland, in his research on an Effects of intimate partner violence versus poverty on women’s health, indicated that women at risk health problem had lived in a poverty place and had experienced intimate partner violence (2011). People who lived in poverty place challenge with jobless, get low-income, which lead to domestic violence. The extent to domestic violence decreasing related with the income of

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