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This research paper focuses on domestic violence which is a widespread social and public problem in Pakistan. To address the issue of domestic violence means questioning the norms and the values of the society. Domestic violence is an important issue in Pakistan which imposes restrictions on women to stand up for their rights. In my research paper I have talked about many factors which contribute to domestic violence in Pakistan for example lack of education and awareness, misconceptions about Islamic concepts regarding women, financial problems and lastly lack of women empowerment. The absence of proper legal frame work and system of laws regarding domestic violence is one of the main reasons as to why this issue cannot be eliminated in the society. To address the issue, one must first recognize
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All over the world, women are still victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a public and social problem which leads to physical, emotional and psychological repercussions. The expression, “violence” can be described as any sexual, physical and emotional abuse against women by their family members. Domestic violence against women is a widespread issue all over of the world, however this human rights issue is least acknowledged by the society.
Many families in the Pakistani society are, “conservative”, hence domestic violence is considered to be a personal affair in households. According to estimates, 70-90% women in Pakistan are a victim of domestic violence who fail to stand up for their rights due to society pressure. Domestic violence has become so widespread in our society that cases against women abuse are reported every day. Many common types of violence include, rape, acid attacks, honor killing, women burnt by family members and lastly beating by their former male

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