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Jayce Johnston October 11,2017 1st period Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is the oldest country discovered in the world! Dominican Republic is the country that makes up the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola. The island’s western end is covered by Haiti. You can find fertile valleys and forested mountains here. So let’s talk about how interesting it is. The national capital and largest city Is Santo Domingo. The country’s name in Spanish is República dominicana. Some historians believe that Christopher Columbus is buried on this island in the Columbus lighthouse in Santo Domingo. The Dominican republic has been ruled by other countries and dictators. Here they have a president that heads the country. The president appoints…show more content…
The former professional baseball player Sammy Sosa is from this wonderful country. One of the most famous latino actresses which is Zoe Saldana is from here as well. Punta cana and eastern national park are two tourists attractions that are mainly used for their beaches. Here Dominican catholicism or Santeria are the widespread religions. The government only offers 4% of GPD spending on education. More than 20 percent of the population lives in poverty. The Dominican Republic is dependent on the US. About 60% of their exports remain in the US. How most of the Dominicans are employed are agriculture. One American dollar is equal to 47.73 Dominican pesos. When taking a flight from Jackson Mississippi to Dominican Republic you will pay $738. The restoration which is when the second time the Dominican Republic regained its independence from Spain is where the citizens dress in crazy and elaborate costumes and celebrate with parades. The Santo Domingo festival begins on August 4th and is the celebration of the city’s founding. Some of the most skilled dancers and talented musicians perform live while sharing various food and doing crafts. On special occasions such as christmas and Easter citizens have roasted pig. The most famous dance and music that dominates the Dominican Republic is the merengue and
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