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Don Mccullin is a British photojournalist, known for his war photographs and his images of urban strife. He was born in October the 9th, 1935, Finsbury Park, London, England. McCullin’s career began in 1959, when he took a photo of a local London Gang, after he bought his first ever camera after he failed to pass his written theory paper to become a photographer in the RAF. Much later, turned his photographs into landscape and still life. Kevin Carter was a South-African photojournalist and a member of the Bang-Bang Club. Carter was born in September 13th, 1960, Johannesburg, South-Africa. Kevin Carter committed suicide at the age of 33, on July 27th, 1994. He was the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for his photos that portrayed the famine in…show more content…
As mentioned and explained in the documentary about Don McCullin, he was shot in Cambodia when he was trying to capture photographs, with this Nikon blocking the bullet. This shows the physical pain he was in, as for an amount of time, he wasn’t able to continue photographing until he was properly healed. This shows how he would do anything, even if it meant that he would be in danger to get the photographs during the war in Cambodia. Kevin Carter faced the same pain as Don McCullin because he committed suicide at the age of 33, "I am haunted by the vivid memories of killing and corpses and anger and pain... of starving or wounded children" this not only shows that he face physical pain from committing suicide but also emotional traumas as he had images and memories of the things that happened throughout the years of him being a war photographer. Therefore, the amount of pain Don McCullin and Kevin Carter was in, proved that overcoming barriers and problems, increases possibilities in other people’s lives, as it gives them an insight of what happens in wars as well it allows them to learn to be appreciative over the things that others have done which made them know the things they know
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