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I have read lots of books while I was in 5th grade but one of them really stands out. When I was in Fiji I finished my book and needed something to do. My brother handed me a book. By the end of the day, I had finished a book called Dorothy Must Die By Danielle Paige and I adored it. I read it so often that my brother got mad at me because I never put the book down. It was a joy reading it, and I was so grieved when it ended. I hope that all human beings read Dorothy Must Die someday or another. I liked Dorothy Must Die because it talked a lot about magic. I like books that have magic in them because I like to hear the author talk about her views on magic and how she thinks magic works. Hearing about magic is so much fun because I can fantasize about how I think magic works and I get inspired by seeing how other people think magic works. I like seeing how some people think magic is a good thing and…show more content…
But not everything was blue. Underneath the boy’s feet, yellow bricks, as vivid as a box of new crayons, were almost glowing in stark contrast to the blown-out, postapocalyptic monochrome of the landscape. The golden path led all the way up to the ravine and then dropped off into nothingness. In the other direction, it wound its way through the field and spiraled off into the horizon. It was a road. Dorothy Must Die By Danielle Paige is one of my favorite books and always will be. It is a great series and I really do hope that people will read the series. It is a New York Time Best Seller and I realize now why they gave it that title. It is a marvelous book and I had so much fun reading Dorothy Must Die. It took me on a wonderful adventure through Oz and it felt like I was really there battling dorothy. Danielle Paige is an amazing author and she shows us her skill through every one of her books. Reading Dorothy Must Die By Danielle Paige was really great and if I could go through the sensation of reading her books for the very first time, I would jump at the
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